Rural tourism with capacity for 14 people
  • Calaf

    Calaf's market, craddle of the former "peseta" 17 km. away

    Photo by Malfieten

  • Caramellaires

    If you come at Easter you will see the Caramellaires, people singing and dancing a typical Catalan song sung at this time of the year.

  • The flock path

    Where flocks of sheep circulate.

  • La Seu in Manresa

    Ignatian and Modernist Manresa 25 Km. away.

  • Manresa's old bridge

    Even more beautiful with the snow.

  • Fortified Montfalcó

    Fortified Montfalcó and historical La Segarra area 35 km. away.

    Photo de Josep Renalias

  • Cardona castle

    Cardona and the salt mountain 38 km. away.

  • Salt mine in Cardona

  • Sant Benet del Bages monastery

    Sant Benet de Bages, Alícia  and Ramon Casas 40 Km. away.

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  • Mountains of Montserrat

    Montserrat, holy mountain, 50 Km. away.

    Photo by Bernard Gagnon